Tax consulting

Dynamic and regular changes in tax and economic law regulations force entrepreneurs to constantly adapt their activities to the current tax policy. Following the changes in regulations is not only burdensome but also extremely absorbing, it consumes time that could be spent on the company’s development. To avoid the above-mentioned problems, we suggest using the services of people with thorough theoretical and practical preparation, which will allow introducing appropriate solutions to a given situation, and often preventing a financial loss, which is a consequence of spending too much time on tax procedures instead of growing the business. PD Tax specializes in both current tax and legal consulting.

It represents entrepreneurs in tax audits, customs and tax inspections, as well as tax proceedings, also at the administrative court stage. We follow changes in regulations, case law and interpretations of tax authorities on a regular basis. Our clients are provided with current and continuous information about emerging tax problems. We examine both the legal and economic advantages and disadvantages of choosing a particular form of taxation of given economic events.

We analyse the budget effects of legislative changes introduced to tax law, and the broadly understood financial area. Our opinions are based on an analysis of both national legislation and international tax practice. We take into account the latest positions of tax authorities, Provincial Administrative Courts, the Supreme Administrative Court, and the European Court of Justice. Thanks to tax audits, we can present the actual state of the enterprise and propose accurate recommendations in the area of preventing potential negative effects in the future. We also provide solutions in the field of effective tax risk management.

We offer tax consultancy as a form of permanent cooperation, as well as a one-time legal advice service. However, regular cooperation allows us to carry out ongoing consultations on everyday tax issues. We provide constant support of qualified specialists who monitor all tax aspects of a business activity on an ongoing basis. We guarantee effective solutions based on extensive knowledge of the company’s economic and tax situation.

Our consulting includes, in particular:

  • assessment of planned tax strategies, verification of compliance with tax law,
  • analysis of contracts, taking into account the resulting tax consequences,
  • preparation of applications for individual interpretations of tax law,
  • verification of tax returns,
  • assessment of lawfulness of the functioning structures of established or planned capital and personal companies, and other forms of business activity,
  • preparation of an analysis of tax costs of future or existing economic events,
  • preparation of pleadings addressed to tax and customs, and tax authorities,
  • preparation of the company’s tax policy, 
  • representation during proceedings, tax and customs and tax audits,
  • representation in court and administrative proceedings.

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