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Tax law that is in force in the offshore zone is considered stable and reliable, and companies are notified of any legislative changes well in advance. This allows adapting to new regulations and legal requirements in a safe way. It is a completely legal way to optimize financial costs and protect the company’s assets. 

Our company helps to establish and run an enterprise anywhere in the world. We offer a comprehensive range of registration services for specialized offshore companies. Our specialists help to find solutions that are best suited to each company’s needs.

Our services include:

  • company registration services (checking name availability, registering companies on terms that are consistent with the requirements of a selected offshore territory) and services including the purchase of an existing company (with no history),
  • preparation of full documentation required to register and operate the enterprise, i.e. documents, share documents, powers of attorney, seals, and preparation of all internal documents in accordance with the applicable law in a given country,
  • if necessary – assistance in finding a local seat, agent or representative, as well as preparation of tax declarations or reports.

Advantages of doing business in Seychelles:

  • no corporate income tax,
  • no obligation to submit annual tax returns and financial statements,
  • no minimum capital requirement,
  • a shareholder and a director are required to register a company – both functions can be performed by one person,
  • no requirement for audits,
  • bearer shares are allowed, which guarantees confidentiality and anonymity 
  • high level of confidentiality – data of the company owner, directors and shareholders is not subject to public registration,
  • 15% VAT,


  • the best form of doing business in Seychelles is the International Bussiens Company – IBC,
  • no requirement for local board members/shareholders
  • IBC is not subject to any tax on income or profits,
  • IBC shareholder from Seychelles is not subject to any income tax on profits,
  • International Bussines Company is exempt from any taxation,
  • International Bussines Company is required to keep records of its accounting activities. 

Advantages of doing business in Panama:

  • no taxation of company income in Panama,
  • no need to submit annual income reports,
  • possibility to reduce the income tax to 0%,
  • bearer shares are allowed,
  • no mandatory audit requirements,
  • high level of anonymity and confidentiality,
  • operating costs are relatively low,
  • no taxes on income made outside of Panama,
  • there is no withholding tax, i.e. companies do not pay tax if they do not operate in local markets,
  • possibility to establish a company with a nominated director, which guarantees anonymity in the public register,
  • it is possible to introduce bearer shares, which guarantees shareholders’ anonymity,
  • absolute banking secrecy – there is a requirement of absolute commercial and corporate confidentiality,
  • Meetings of directors or shareholders do not have to be held in Panama,
  • Favourable corporate tax rates:
    • 0% tax on companies not operating in Panama
    • 25% tax on companies operating in Panama
    • Capital income tax is 10%
    • The dividend tax on companies not operating in Panama is 5%
    • The dividend tax on companies operating in Panama is 10%

US Virgin Islands – Non-Integrated Territory of the United States

Advantages of doing business on Virgin Islands:

  • no corporate income tax,
  • no property tax,
  • no obligation to keep accounts,
  • no obligation to pay up share capital,
  • no VAT, 
  • no customs fees,
  • only one director or shareholder – physical or legal person – from any country is required to register a company (it may be the same person),
  • directors’ and/or shareholders’ data is not included in any company’s founding documents and does not appear in any public records,
  • restrictive confidentiality provisions.


  • the most common and beneficial type of company is international commercial companies (International Business Company – IBC).
  • to take advantage of tax benefits, the company must have a registration address on the Virgin Islands, which will appear on company documents – for this purpose, use the services of a virtual office.

Advantages of doing business in Delware, USA:

  • no income tax on capital income, turnover and VAT,
  • in a situation where the company’s income does not come from the USA, there is no obligation to keep accounts and 
  • in a situation where the company’s income does not come from the USA, there is no taxation of the company itself,
  • a very high level of confidentiality of company owners, directors and proxies,
  • no personal liability of members/partners of the company,
  • Financial liability is only related to the company’s capital or the amounts of investments incurred by the company,
  • no obligation to document decisions in writing,
  • low operating costs,
  • court disputes resolved by the Delaware State Arbitration Court,
  • you can run your business from anywhere in the world,
  • flexible company structure,
  • guaranteed prestige of an entity based in the United States – establishing a company in such a strong and thriving market economy such as the United States undoubtedly inspires trust among contractors.


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