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About us

About us

A common feature of enterprises that have been successful is the analysis of potential tax consequences, resulting from business decisions that had been made before their implementation. This is why broadly understood tax services are a crucial element in every company’s global strategy. We understand that apart from services of the highest quality, companies need commitment and substantive, innovative ideas that will contribute to optimizing tax burdens and streamlining tax-related administrative issues – in international and local contexts. Our company was established for those entrepreneurs who focus on dynamic development of their interests, and do not always have the time to complete administrative and formal issues related to the company’s functioning.

We help entrepreneurs whose time is too valuable to devote it to litigation that sometimes takes place for years. We find solutions that help avoiding tedious and uncertain legal processes, while protecting our clients’ best interests. Our solutions help to avoid stagnation, which is then the cause of the company’s loss of financial liquidity and, as a consequence, often leads to bankruptcy. In the long run, these solutions save time and money that can be effectively invested and consequently multiplied.

We support our clients – both international companies and family-owned businesses – running effective management of tax issues, and offering comprehensive and current legal services. Our clients have continuous access to current information on tax law. They are not required to constantly monitor changes in regulations, resulting from the certainty that the solutions are up to date. We provide advice, opinions and explanations related to tax obligations.

Our services are a guarantee of correctness and reliability of all tax obligations. They are your company’s financial security, including protection against possible financial consequences that may arise in the event of potential tax audits. We help to develop your business safely and without any problems. We provide a comprehensive analysis of the client’s situation, including all related taxes, as well as other public liabilities. We treat each case individually.

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Tax and customs control

We support and represent clients during tax audits, as well as customs and tax proceedings, also before administrative courts. We actively help them during inspections, providing assistance in implementing security solutions. We also apply for individual interpretations on behalf of our clients.

We advise on fiscal criminal liability, including preparatory and court proceedings. Our company provides comprehensive and professional legal service for individuals and entrepreneurs, which, thanks to our lawyers’, legal advisors’, and as tax advisors’ years of experience, ensures effective protection of your interests.

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We provide assistance for the following:

  • Development of the most favourable strategy of proceedings in the course of fiscal control, fiscal proceedings or tax proceedings before a court,
  • hearings of taxpayers and their employees in the course of proceedings,
  • preparation of all documents during fiscal control or tax proceedings, i.e. when preparing, clarifying, answering, making appeals and applications to the Ministry of Finance for a written interpretation of tax regulations,
  • acting as a proxy during fiscal or tax control or tax proceedings, as well as in conducting cases before tax authorities and fiscal control,
  • preparation of complaints to provincial administrative courts and cassation complaints to the Supreme Administrative Court and other pleadings,
  • representation of clients in proceedings before the Provincial Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court in tax and customs matters,
  • recovery of overpaid taxes,
  • Obtaining of binding tax interpretations.

Company registration abroad and offshore

Our experience shows that when starting a business activity abroad, it should be preceded with a solid, long-term development strategy. The strategy should include meticulous research of the target market, planned promotional and sales activities dedicated to the local target group. Thus, the obligatory goal of an effective development of operations on the global market is to use the help of a qualified specialist who will skilfully navigate between international legal regulations.

It is also extremely important from the point of view of companies that establish global business contacts. Our specialists are experts in interpreting commercial law, negotiating contracts, financial transactions and international disputes. We offer comprehensive advisory on complex issues that result from closures of international agreements, as well as in existing contractual relationships.

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We provide assistance for the following:

  • establishment of business activities outside the borders of Poland,
  • registration of company or purchase of an existing company,
  • preparation of an expansion plan for large entities in a particular industry that are optimal in terms of tax regulations on the local market,
  • rental of offices and services, i.e. virtual offices.

We offer:

  • comprehensive assistance when registering and servicing foreign entities,
  • preparation of full documentation necessary for company registration, and submitting it to the appropriate Registration entity,
  • current administrative support,
  • assistance in creating bank accounts,
  • conduct and comprehensive supervision over the accounting section of established entities.

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Financial and legal audit

We understand that dynamic organizations are in need of advanced reporting solutions and an experienced auditor. Our company knows that a professional financial audit helps to implement the strategy of developing dynamic enterprises.

In the area of auditing, we provide the following services:

  • Audit of financial statements (for entities obliged to submit them)
  • Review of financial statements (for entities without an obligation to submit them)
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS/IAS)
  • Implementation of IFRS 15 (Revenue from contracts with clients)
  • Preparation of the financial part of the
  • due diligence prospectus in terms of finance and accounting – e.g. for the needs of a potential investor
  • business valuations, share valuations, contributions, trademarks
  • examination of the transformation, division and merger plan
  • preparation of business plans
  • assistance in making a development strategy
  • other auditing services

We support our clients in developing and implementing internal principles of asset management. Our activities also include organizational changes aimed at promoting such an approach throughout the company that will contribute to better management of owned assets. These activities will ensure an appropriate level of legal protection for the collected assets, and they will allow for the most optimal, in terms of liquidity and stability, fully controlled property succession. We will help to build a secure legal infrastructure for all types of property investments, including real estate investments. With our actions, we will anticipate possible investment risks and provide adequate protection of assets in the event of potential threats arising from the undertaken actions.

We will also advise on liquidating some or all of assets to invest in new, more profitable ones. We will prepare extensive analyses in the above-mentioned scope that will include interpretations of legal provisions and a comparison of the resulting tax costs associated with various solutions. This will allow choosing an individual and most optimal solution for better asset management. Our company creates solutions that are aimed at protecting our clients’ assets to be able to safely implement their will in terms of asset multiplication.


The company also offers mediation services in the field of economic, civil and family matters. With the assistance of an impartial mediator, our clients can save not only time but also money, keeping full confidentiality of the undertaken activities.

We believe that mediation is often the best way to resolve a conflict. First of all, it gives an opportunity to develop a position that will satisfy each party, and also saves time, money and energy needed for tedious and often many-year lawsuits. This is extremely important from the point of view of entrepreneurs whose goal is to efficiently resolve conflicts and focus on activities aimed at enterprise development as soon as possible. Moreover, mediation allows eliminating procedural risk which is influenced by many factors that are independent of a party, and which is inevitably associated with court proceedings. Due to these actions, our clients have a sense of control over the situation, and know that decisions regarding their companies are not a coincidence.

We specialize in conducting preliminary (information) meetings, joint meetings and individual sessions. We make a full analysis of conflicts covered by mediation, and the experience gained allows making a skilful and quick diagnosis.

Our services are directed to natural and legal persons, as well as to enterprises, organizations and institutions.

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